DVD Plugin Issues
Hi guys, I'm having problems with the CD/DVD plugins that I'm hoping you can help me rectify. I've configured PCSX2 completely, and if I set my CD/DVD plugin to null I can run my bios just fine. My goal is to be able to run games straight from my DVD drive (not a fan of ISO files); the problem is I can't get either the Gigaherz plugin or the Peops plugin to work correctly.

If I use the Gigaherz plugin, I can configure and test fine, but when I go to run games from my drive, the program will get stuck at "Opening Drive" and I'll have to ctrl-alt-delete to close it.

If I use the Peops plugin, the program will freeze when I try to configure it.

If you guys need my system specs, just say the word and I'll post them up. Please help!

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You sure you pointed the Gigaherz's cdvd plugin plugin to the right drive? What pcsx2 version? What PC specs? What game?
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Sounds to me like ur DVD drive is faulty and is causing all those issues. Does your DVD Drive reads the CDs or DVDs that u put in the drive? If you can post your system specs it would help us more determine twhat the problem is.
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Gigaherz's plugin is pointed to the correct drive. I can't configure Peops as the program locks up when I hit the configure button.

My drive is reading the DVDs I'm putting in there. I use a PS1 emulator to play some of my older games and I can use that one just fine, I can play games from my drive just fine. I know it's not the drive, I'm just having issues with the plugins. I'm trying to run a couple of games, FFX and Dynasty Warriors 4 mainly if that helps.
Use the latest beta. Get the plugins here:
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Downloading the newest beta worked. Thanks a ton!

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