DVD-rw isnt reading dvd rom
Hey guys! 1st off, thank you so much for all the tedious work you put into this project. I know working all those lines of code must be your passion, lol!

Anyways, When i put the dvd rom into my dvd-rw drive it basically doesn't read the disc. I've checked the drive with other dvd roms and it works fine, such as the sims 2, and Soul caliber 3 on xbox360. but when i put any ps2 game in there it spins then flashes a brown light. I've tried all the plugins available, but should the drive be able to read the DVD 1st before it can even use PCSX2? Ugh! I just wanna play Kingdom hearts 2!!!!

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Is your dvd scratched? or is your drive really fussy? Tongue2 do you have any other ps2 games you could try?

Failing all else, if you do have another dvd drive, download imgburn and make an iso of the game, then copy it to your machine.
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i wish i had another drive. i have an xbox 360 game in there right now and everything is hunky dory! Just the ps2 roms. I actually went and exchanged the kh2 disc i had today and i tried a GTA san andreas disc. same story. My drive was somewhat fussy before i cleaned the dust out of it. but everything works but the ps2 games.
Could be just your drive doesnt like PS2 games, happens and there's not much you can do. Go to a friend's place or something make a ISO and copy it to your machine is the best you can do.
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