Cmon guys make Dynasty Warriors 5 Empires compat.with PCSX2
Is that possible to make ?

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had an "ingame" status back on 0.9.6.
dunno if the latest svns made it "playable"
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Is that one of the Warrior games that hang with a Gif stall message in the console? (Enable EE and IOP logs)
Yeh it is, and i don't know why it does it Wacko it looks like the packets just go completely out of sync (almost like its been written to the memory 1qw out of line) so the packet ends before it's actually finished. It's flipping weird.

Gonna investigate it more soon.
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I have been monitoring the progress of this game for months to see if it will ever be compatible. I joined these forums just to say I really really want this game to work, everyone has the exact same issue despite any settings.
well it's your lucky day. I've just committed a hack fix for the game. You will need to download this http://buildbot.orphis.net/pcsx2/index.php?m=detail&rev=5553&platform=windows-x86

no need to enable anything, just play Smile
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hey man i just wanted to thank U.The Game now works fine..Everything is alright Smile
Thanks for the fix, can't wait to try it out

Edit: NTSC-J version confirmed working! There's some weird gfx glitches (see center of screenshot) but much better than a freeze Smile

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This really was a tough one. Y'all are pretty lucky ref found a workable solution Tongue2
I didnt have any glitches, id suggest playing with the vu clamping.
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