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Dance Pad for DDR on PCSX2
so I wanted to play DDR again but was wondering if dance pad is compatible. I used this one on my ps2 and it has USB plug for PC also. So does it? what config I have to set?
Thanks for input.

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Nope,PCSX2 has no usb device support yet,so it won't work.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
thanks bositman BUT this pad I have has 3 plug (1 ps2, 1 xbox and 1 usb). Since the ps2-to-usb adapter (which I have also) enable ps2 controller to run fine on pcsx2, willl the pad work? technicall it is just a ps2 controller, correct?
Hm not sure,maybe you can fool it in thinking it's a PS2 controller...but then you'd need special configuration options for it. I know lilypad does something like that for ps2 guitars (has special options for them) but it doesn't for a dance pad or anything like that
[Image: newsig.jpg]

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