Dark Chronicle
Das Spiel stürzt beim letzten Boss ab mit einem weissen Bildschirm. Hat jemand einen Rat?

The Game crashes on the last Boss with a white Screen. Does anyone have any Advice?

PCSX2 1.6
I7-10700k/ RTX 2060 Super/ 16GB RAM
Carpe Diem

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Black Screen and:
Last Log Entry:
EE: Unrecognized COP0 op 4211f7cd
EE: Unrecognized COP0 op 4120a3d7
EE: Unrecognized COP0 op 42c63d71
EE: Unrecognized COP0 op 4331c28f
EE: Unrecognized op c0447ae1
EE: Unrecognized op 1
EE: Unrecognized op 1
EE: Unrecognized COP0 op 41ef5877
EE: Unrecognized op 1
Trap exception at 0x0133a360

And after a Restart:
Trap exception at 0x01376a10
Carpe Diem
Well I played through the fight with sirus, griffon 1-3, death spiral, and credits on the PAL version. I did not get a crash on 1.7.0-dev-1555. I'm pretty confident it works on 1.6.0 too. You should probably post the entire log and not just a section of it.
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