Dark Chronicle (pal) shadow and menu Bug on high quality
Hello i am using the latest PCSX2 0.9.7 and have all my configurations set up perfectly for my computer, so that my game doesn't lag or stutter. But there is a problem and i'm not sure if this is just with GSDX but, in Dark chronicle when i put my game onto highish quality, the games character shadows go really weird and drop below the floor so it looks like the main character is floating which he inst but go back to normal when i turn on native which makes the game look terrible. And the second thing is that when i do the same thing some of the text in game and the menus go all weird and blocky this includes dungeon maps. Here are some screen Shots if you don't understand what i am talking about.



And was just wandering if anyone would be able to help me
Thank you for a great forum

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More like a glitch from using higher resolution than the game's.

You could try using the offset hack in the beta GSdx (graphics > gsdx > hacks subsection to know how to use it):
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