Dark Cloud 1 & 2 Optimization Help!
Hi, I hope I'm posting in the right section, this is my first thread, so please don't be too harsh!

I'm recently found my old ps2 games Dark Cloud and Dark Chronicle, and decided to give them a whirl for old times sake. Now I am trying to work out the best configuration and I'm kind of new to this but I've been reading around the forum so I think I know what to write. Currently I am using the newest beta of PCSX2.
Here is my comp.
Intel Core Duo 2 P8400 2.26GHz
4GB of RAM
Windows 7 Home Edition (64bit)
ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3650
My Windows Index Experience is 5.5 the lowest being data transfer,and desktop windows everything rests around a 5.9

To be clear, I would like input regarding if there is anyway to increase quality of each game (dark cloud 1 and 2), while keeping it at 60fps. With my current setting I am using only 80% of my cpu (In DC1) so I think I should be able to increase it...but I would like honest input and ideas for what could work with the 2nd game.

To whomever responds first, should I post my configuration? And work from there?

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you can try to increase scaling or internal res. but I doubt you would keep a constant 60 fps, then. Your cpu's a bit slow, and a mobile GPU isn't very good either
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with that CPU and GPU, there's nothing much u can do to increase the quality without decreasing the performance..
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