Dark Cloud 1 Issues
I really need help guys!

I'm a complete noob at emulators and i've tried googling everywhere! (obviously not everywhere since i havn't found what im looking for)

I have downloaded the latest version of the emulator here and ive got ISO files for both "Dark Cloud" and "Dark Cloud 2" and i can't get the game to start even as the emulator can't find the ISO files even...
Have i failed horribly at the configuration or am i missing something?

Please, forward me to the right thread or if you could give me a walkthrough in getting everything sorted from the start.

I usually livestream in 1080p / 65 FPS with this computer so the settings should be as high as possible regarding graphs (guessing my computer should be able to handle it pretty well).

Kind Regards,
"The Noob"

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