Dark Cloud 2 Crash at Ungergound Channel 3 Solution
I encountered this crash and got past it, I found this thread (https://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-Dark-Cloud-2-Crash) but it has been closed. For the sake of helping some future user who was also struck with nostalgia for this amazing game and might have gotten disappointed early in, I figured I would make a post about what worked for me. All hope is not lost!

I encountered the crash twice, in both cases I had shopped with Donny prior to entering the level. The first crash I watched the full cut scene and the second crash I skipped it.

I got past the crash after I did these two things, I'm not sure if either is truly relevant but it's worth a shot.
1) I had saved in the dungeon, so on the third boot I just selected lvl 3 and skipped the cut scene.
2) I looked up if there were any common PCSX2 crashes and tried switching my audio plugin to Direct 2 (which is not the default, so if you're like me and tried this emulator fresh out of the box you might have this). See this video for how to do this, it's in the Audio settings menu. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nlLS6pN66M0

Other threads have commented that this level actually crashed quite a bit on the original PS2 as well, so (2) may have nothing to do with it and you may just need to keep trying. Nonetheless, I figured I shared in case it happens to be the trick for someone else out there.

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This thread will be lost within the week, it will be much more useful to make a test case in the public compatibility list Wink

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