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Hey I'm looking for some help with Dark Cloud 2. It is down as playable in the compatibility list and I have taken the files off the game disc and am trying to get it to run on PCSX2. I was wondering if anyone has any idea how to get it running properly? I have all the files and I seem to have PCSX2 trying to emulate something but its just a black screen. I don't know if its trying to emulate the game or just being weird. There's nothing wrong with my pc spec as I own a very high end system. Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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Make an ISO of the disc using something like alcohol 52%. There's a trial on their website.
(03-16-2009, 05:22 PM)StealMySoda Wrote: Make an ISO of the disc using something like alcohol 52%. There's a trial on their website.

You can use a quick and easy tool called DVD Decrypter to make an ISO file if you wish.


Here's the simple steps to it:

Open DVD Decrypter, and in the "Source" area that is highlighted select the CD/DVD drive that the PS2 disc is in.
[Image: dvd1.png]

Next, click on "View", then "ISO", and then "Read". This will read your PS2 game disc from the drive and save it as an ISO.
[Image: dvd2.png]

Finally, click on the folder icon near the bottom and select the destination were you would like the file saved and what it should be called. The example here is "C:\DVDIMAGE.ISO". Once your done with that, simply click the icon with the DVD image pointing a green arrow at the Hard Drive, then it should begin ripping the ISO File.
[Image: dvd3.png]
Even on my e8400/ati 3850 it is SLOWWWWW with GSdx, even with speed hacks. Rogue Galaxy is the same (I think they use the same engine). Game seems to work perfectly, it just needs some time for the emu to mature.
On the same topic. Does anybody know how to fix the icons in Dark Chronicle (EU version of dark cloud 2)? If you need SS I can post.

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