Dark Cloud 2 Help - Very Slow
Hey guys, I've read all the how-to guides and browsed most of the forum, but I still can't seem to get Dark Cloud 2 to perform.

My specs are:

AMD Phenom 9750 Quad Processor
8 GB Ram
GeForce 9500 GS graphics card

As for my plugins:

GSdx 3068 (SSE2)
SPU2-X r3117

I'm running this game off of an Iso, and I get around 60 fps, but the game still seems to be running at half speed. I've tried tweaking pretty much all of the graphics settings, but nothing seems to help. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. While watching my CPU usage during gameplay, the highest it spikes to is 50%

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60fps but too slow gameplay = Too many speed hacks. Specifically you probably have VU Cycle steal set too high.
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(04-13-2011, 04:29 AM)Koji Wrote: 60fps but too slow gameplay = Too many speed hacks. Specifically you probably have VU Cycle steal set too high.

I don't have any speed hacks on actually, that's the weird thing. I turned off framelimiting and it seemed to help for a little bit, but now I'm dipping into the 20 fps zone during gameplay.
Did you modify any of the FPS settings?
If in doubt, delete your PCSX2.ini and reconfigure the emulator.
Try to keep most settings at their default Wink
I just tried what you said Rama, it didn't make a difference. After browsing a couple other threads, I saw that a high EE percentage could be the problem...mine runes at 100+% constantly. What causes this and how do I get that percentage down? (It's not my core temp either, im running around 42 C).

This is also odd because during the worst lag points, my total CPU usage is still only 50%
Try pressing F9 while the game runs slow and tell me if the FPS go up from that.
And keep an eye in both, EE and GS percentage. The steady FPS and still the game lagging is a common symptom of too much VU cycle stealing.

So, if PAL or NTSC value was not messed (as pointed by Rama), you should be having general FPS loss, good thing changing it is not an ease option anymore in the newer builds. For some reason people seem to believe altering it will help when probably will just mess badly with the timings.

On the other hand, applying a bit of speedhack is a must on your rig, you should attempt both VU and EE sliders and observe the result for their combination.
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