Dark Cloud 2 Question
Umm... I was wondering If anyone knew how to run Dark Cloud 2 Perfectly with Either PSCX2 Cuz the best I was able to get so far is 34fps on PCSX2 PG svn 395.
with a few Graphical Errors except for the Audio which sound bad cuz of the FPS and if I use a Different on I get the same Problem. Perfect Audio Crappy Graphics.

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Ok So Far I was able to Increase the Speed to 40 FPS but the Audio still sound bad and the funny thing is that it go's to 60 FPS when Ever i, am in some kind of Menu. Also Some of the Clips are 60 FPS and the Audio is PERFECT.
Ok I am running out of Ideas and I also found out if I have a Window on Over the PCSX2 it makes it go faster. Like right now.
OK NVM I Figured it out now Its Perfect.
...next time PLEASE don't create a thread and AFTER try getting it running on your own.You waste both our time and yours.Also instead of quadriple posting,edit your first post for adding things.Closed
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