Dark Cloud 2 - Thick Orange Outlines
Hey. I've been emulating Dark Cloud 2 recently, after beating the first game, and it runs perfectly and looks great. Except for this horrible outline around the characters and objects. I looked around at some stuff about Kingdom Hearts 2, Shadow of the Colossus, and Final Fantasy X that had some similar effect problems, but nothing relevant to that helped affect this bothersome graphic at all. I'm thinking it's just hard built into the game, and the higher resolution makes it far more clear than they intended. I tried software mode and there's clearly still something going on, though I can barely see because it's a blurry mess like that. Overall, I've tried any different options with the graphical plugins. Different ones, different modes, all the settings on and off. The hacks don't do anything either. If there is a solution to this, it has to be horribly specific so I'm coming here to hopefully get some input. I've looked at videos of other people emulating the game and they clearly have this outline as well, so I'm actually pretty sure it's just a built in effect not meant for the game to have a high resolution. I have to check though because especially in the cutscenes, which this game has a ton of, it looks absolutely terrible.

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That's the cell shading effect, many games have it. Especially games that aim for a more cartoonish look.
Yea it's intentional. Can't say for sure but maybe some random skipdraw value may get rid of it?
(06-13-2016, 08:05 PM)FlatOut Wrote: That's the cell shading effect, many games have it. Especially games that aim for a more cartoonish look.

Yeah, that's what I was worried about. I remember it being cell shaded, but damn do I not remember it being this obnoxious. I might upload some screenshots later showing off some more  examples of how bad it is. It's so poorly done that if you've got anything with a sharp point, like this screwdriver he has, the outline doesn't actually come to a point. It just runs along the edge and looks like someone taped two orange popsicles to the sides of it.

Thanks for the input. I've tried 1-10 and some other random skipdraw values, and it did nothing observable.

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