Dark Cloud 2 patche code crash/stopped.
Patches Crash/Stopped:
Sword synth points (Monica's sword points)
All Max Stats
Infinite FPs
Infinite Ammo
or something code

Im tired it and stopped for me, who work it.
Tell me question it, but I wrong here?

Code is OK:
Max's (Wrench and Gun) Infinite Synth Points 1-2.
Max and Monica's (Wrench+Sword) Infinite WHP 1-2.
Ridepod EXP.

Code Added by vsub - link:
gametitle=Dark Cloud 2 USA
// Max Synth Points For The Last Item Slot
// Max Items Amount For The Slot Before Last Item Slot.
// Max\Infinite Gilda
// Item Modifier 0 - 428
New Code Added by me:
// Max\Infinite Synth Points 1
// Max\Infinite Synth Points 2
// Max\Ridepod EXP
// Infinite WHP 1
// Infinite WHP 2

Dark Cloud 2 Code (AR MAX) - Action Replay MAX
Dark Cloud 2 Other Code (PS2) - Action Replay MAX
Dark Cloud 2 Code - GameShark
I put AR MAX and GameShark Dark Cloud 2 code in patche.

I used MaxConvert v0.71 (For AR MAX) and Patche Browser (For GameShark) on pcsx2 0.9.6.
Same converted Code but different converted code.

MaxConvert (InPut AR MAX to Output RAW) (AR2v2 Key Code: 1853E59E).

Attached File: Dark Cloud 2 new patche by me.

Attached Files
.pnach   1DF41F33.pnach (Size: 618 bytes / Downloads: 731)
[Image: B0sYUKo.png]

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i cant seem to get the last and next to last item cheats working i just want the next to last one to work got any idea why it doesnt work?
i tried restarting with the item in the slot didnt work.
AM2+ 9950 2.6 (overclocked to 3.0) 512KB L2+2MB L3 cache
IBM GeForce 8600 256 DDR3 128-bit
4G DDR2 dual channel 1066 RAM
this code gives you the max amount if you pick an item up:

comment=use item to get max

this was found by some guy named skiller..

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