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Dark Cloud 2 visual glitches

i've just recently started playing this game again because it's the *****, but i've run into a bug where the screen wont load in spots, leaving an all black screen, but the actual game keeps running. i wouldn't mind this, but it does it for ALL of sindain (the first town outside of palm brinks), and i can't progress any further because i can't make my way to the quest point.

you would make my week if you can give me detailed instructions on how to fix this!

thanks in advance!

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What happens if you press F9 while you observe glitches?
great! everything's in slowmo, but i can see where the hell i'm going at least. assuming you've had this problem before? how do i fix it permanently, if you know?
F9 enables software mode.

Read about it(including how to make it faster) here:
[Image: vwah44]
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