Dark Cloud Crash Error
So I installed and configured everything and played it for a while. Now like halfway through the game I get to a specific cut scene (the first one in queens) and it crashes every time. It might be because it's kind of old but the rest of the game runs fine. Any ideas?

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What PCSX2 revision?

Were you using Speedhacks,
or loading from savestates?
i'm useing 0.9.6 and i'm not using save states just the memory card saves. as for speedhacks i think i'm using default ee cycle rate and intc sync hack and iop x2 cycle rate
Speedhacks can potentially cause a crash.
Try disabling them and see if that prevents the crash.

Also, PCSX 0.9.6 is no longer supported.
Using the latest stable build, PCSX2 0.9.8, may even fix your issue. Smile
WOW thanks that fixed it right up. really appreciate it

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