Dark Cloud - missing textures?
Most people's bodies and some people's faces just don't tender. The Dark Genie was completely seethrough. Could this be a problem with my settings? I'd think my laptop is more than strong enough to run it, it can run FF12 without freezing or crashing at all, at good FPS

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Did you use pcsx2 0.9.8? Settings must be at default especially the GSDX. Use :PCSX2 SVN and see.

Interlacing can be set to blend bff in GSDX. Tongue2
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PC specs and PCSX2 version/settings please. Help us help you.

I personally play this game, And aside from needing to use Blend bff in GSDX, leaving all the settings alone (as posted above) will work.

If it's too slow, EE cycle rate up to 2 will give a nice speed boost, i think you can even do 3 without it breaking audio (i'll check when i get home) If you have a quad core, using MTVU will also give a nice boost in speed.
All other speed hacks i believe can be used without breaking the game.

If you have a weak GPU (9800GT/ATI equivalent or lower) don't use anything higher then 2x scaling.

NOTE: if you use scaling you do get menu artifacts, (purple lines) this is not a bug, Just as result of the scaling process.
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Did you ever care to read his post. It says missing texture not poor fps. Read the posts and then try to solve it.
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