Dark Cloud-small lag spikes?

Intel i5-7500 @3.4 GHz
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB
16GB Ram

PCSX2 1.6.0 - Games from iso

Problem: As i'm playing through the game, whenever i get a cutscene: example: when ever i open a chest, atla, menu, etc. the game lags a little bit? like it freezes for like 1/2 a second and returns to normal but it does this every time i do this. Any advice? will gladly share screenshots. if i left something out please let me know

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Try turning off Intel SpeedStep in your BIOS.

Failing that: What kind of HDD are the .isos stored on? I had a similar issue when I had mine stored on a Western Digital Green. Something about the head parking too early to sAvE pOwEr.
I couldnt find speedstep in the bios but i did find speedshift which i looked up and i beleive is suppose to be a newer verision... but it was already disabled so that prolly wont work...sand i have the pcsx2 on a: 1TB Seagate Samsung Spinpoint HDD. 5400 rpm 8MB cache SATA 6.0Gb/s i also have a 2 TB barracuda HDD i could move it to...
I suggest going to Config --> Audio --> Plugin Settings and switching Synchronizing Mode from TimeStretch to Async Mix. The lag spikes will still be there, but they won't be as noticeable, since the audio won't slow down anymore.

You could also follow the instructions here to disable your HDD's power management, since it might be a head parking issue. As you know, some HDDs have this idiotic "power saving" feature where they park and then have to rev up again to access new files, which causes lag spikes.

Beyond that, someone else will have to weigh in.
Thanks. im pretty sure alot of my config. settings are messed up or not right, because idk what im suppose to get it says: Speed 100%, my fps stays around 58-59, EE bounces between 30-40%, GS stays around 15-25%, and VU stays around 10%... ik where everything is so i can find all the settings, but other than that i just watched a youtube video on how to download pcsx2. and who knows if his settings are good or not.. because if i jus press the select button to quick switch characters all the stats take a massive dive... speed goes down to 75%, fps 45-49%, EE 20-30%, GS around 5%, and VU straight down to 0%

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