Dark cloud 2 performance issue. (another one)
Right i bid ye all a fair greetings! im new here and after browzing the forum like a damn hawk ive still yet to find any solution to my problem...

I wish to run Dark cloud 2 properly... with no errors what so ever or lag..

My pc specs are as follow :
4gig ddr 2 ram
Intel core 2 quad cpu Q8200 @2.33
Geforce GTX 280 Leadtek.
Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit.

the Graphics configurations im using is
GSdx890 (MSVC 15.00, SSE41) 0.1.1

if theres anything else needed to help me in my plight to play my child hood game please ask and i will supply.

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Start by using 0.9.7 beta: http://pcsx2.net/downloads.php?p=publicbeta
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Good sir i thank you... i thank you with all my hart...
although it is running smoother i do get a fps issue now and then (during cutscenes mostly) where i experiance a drop in fps.. i usually average between 50-53 but it drops down to 20-30 at timess suggestions on how i chould fix this?
little overcklock and don't use speed hacks,i've same problem with speedhacks enabled
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id prefrably not overclock... im not using any speed hacks btw...
Try some speedhacks (starting with the recommended ones) Tongue2
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Nope running with all the speed hacks still no change...
Test more exactly.
There is no way that your 30FPS scene with no hacks will stay at 30FPS with all hacks enabled.
Know that since your CPU isn't the fastest you won't get "perfect" gameplay in any case.
Speedhacks can help a bit keeping the FPS high so your audio doesn't skip / slow down.

Actually I remembered that there's one way to hard limit to 30FPS. Check if you have vsync enabled
in your graphics driver settings. If so, force-disable it and try again.
(You'll know it's enabled if your FPS literally hit a 30FPS ceiling and won't budge.)

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