Dark theme finally ready!
After lots and lots of mucking around I finally got the dark theme ready for use.
First to give proper credits:

-Theme used as a base: UnrealBlue by incadudeF
-Images in index and thread listing used from: 'Forumkamp Theme 1.0'
-Dark smileys and lots of suggestions/fixes by bigmehdi
-Color suggestions and more: the whole PCSX2 team
-All around help: Qwin

So this theme was made for people who didn't like the bright default mybb theme! It turned out to be much more in the end,for me it's much better all around and it feels more like a PCSX2 forum now Smile
Some screenshots attached as a preview.

Enjoy Smile

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[Image: newsig.jpg]

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Nice I've been using it ever since it was in test phase.

PS. Your secret forum section is showing.....
Lol thanks for pointing that out Tongue
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Ha ha I doubt it was that big of a deal considering I'm sure permissions keep other users out of it even if they were somehow to find the correct addy for it.
Great job for the new theme, that's a keeper for me from now Tongue I thought the old one was too shiny/white. The topics are more pleasant to read now with the white on black contrast, my eyes are not hurt anymore Laugh Thanks Wink
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using it right now! Much easier on the eyes Smile thanks Laugh
Tried and adopted.
Thanks !
how to use this?
(03-09-2009, 11:28 AM)Graizon Wrote: how to use this?

At the top left of the page, beside your Username and last visit time, click where it says "User CP". Select "Edit Options" from about the middle of the left column in the "Your Profile" section. At the lower right, under "Other Options", select "Board Style" and set it to "Dark Theme". Save your changes with the "Update Options" button at the bottom, and when the page refreshes, you will be on the new theme.
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Thank You So Much, I Really Like it. Love You PCSX2 Forums

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