Deactivate account?
Hello, I was wondering if it's at all possible to delete/deactivate my account from this forum? I couldn't find an option in CP to do so...

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We could ban the account if you want I guess...

Why do you want to de-activate it? Tongue2
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I want to deactivate mine too, not just a ban, because i don't want it to appear on the first results on anymore.
That wouldn't help, your posts would still be there. Blame google? Tongue
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why you guys want to delete owned account??
spammed e-mails???eavesdropping???wiretapping???IP hacking???
i have no idea why???
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Not the posts, but the user main page.
That one is redirected.
Maybe it's possible to rename users. This should help with google searches.
Yeah that can be easily done, so pick your new nick Tongue
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Oh, thanks! Then, i'd like my new nick to be lalilulelo
That's taken... (what was the chance of that happening? Wacko )
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