Deactivating cheats
I've used some cheats on Persona 3 Fes , and now I can't deactivate them.I've tried writing // before the cheat and doesn't work.For example, I used the XP x 64 cheat, and even after deactiving cheats, it still give me 64 times XP.Anywone know how to solve this?
This is the cheat I used:

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Did you tried to start the game(turn off pcsx2 and start it again...and load a save from your memory card,not from save state)without System=>Enable Cheats
What do those cheats?
the first one is a strange value. Notice when using "extended" the first (leftmost) digit in the address MUST NOT be changed.

vsub advice is sound, hope those are not "persistent" codes covered by the normal save. If it's not, loading from the memcard rebuilds the position from scratch (from the image/disc + saved chunks), thus "corruptions" of any type are discarded. The sstate saves the memory content and will keep any introduced corruption across the sessions.

PS: Persistent codes can't be deactivated, they need to be reintroduced with corrected values.
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I think it worked,not sure though.These cheats are to get 64 times the XP for the MC. Thanks for the help.

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