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Dead or alive 2 used to work?
hea guys i was trying to get dead or alive 2 working on pscx2 but it crashes right away (it gets to the ps2 logo on debug svn)

someone mentioned it might be todo with the spu2 resets that were removed a while ago

seems that it used to work -->

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There is a version of this game that works if you boot it with Interpreter EE and "Enable EE cache" options, it will be very slow but once it shows 3d you can change to recompiler EE again and it'll stay working for that part. Not sure which version of it is the one that works, but anyway after a fight it'll crash again if you don't switch to interpreter+cache again, so not exactly playable I'd say.
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thats the one im on
yeah the american one doesnt work so good Sad
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what about the pal one?
If you have it, by all means give it a shot.
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il give it a go, btw i read somewhere that it needs the mips cache (not realy implemented in recompiler code)
to work properly

Yes it does, we already have an option to enable it, look for 'Enable EE Cache' in the EE/IOP options
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bositman read the tooltip
only for interpreter!

also it will crash the emulator itself when loading
Yeah it only works with interpreter. A recompiler version from what I know is almost impossible to code.
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