Dead ps2
Well, my ps 2 finally died. I'm new here, and I would want someone to help me to get back to playing haunting ground (I can not live without my favorite game), I tried several times and I can not run the emulator.
You will have to explain like I were a young child, I tried several guides and I still have problems understanding the emulator.

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Im afraid your first challenge is going to be making your PS2 work so you can get your BIOS off it, without doing so, use of the emulator would be illegal, or non-functional.

What is wrong with your PS2? Expanding on "it's dead" of course.
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Why would it be illegal? I had a legal PS2, with an original Haunting ground game. Anyway, I have the bios.

"it's dead" --> my nephew smashed it against the wall when he could not win a game. So I had to find bios elsewhere.
ok, but it's not yours, and it's then piracy.
you won't get support here.
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