Deadzone and sensitivity value ?
My controller Left joystick drifts to bottom right corner so i want to change the dead zone value. I'm clueess about what vae to set......increase by what ? either it drifts or it doesnt work at all for the values i tried ?

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Try raising the dead zone incrementally until the "drifting" stops.
Dead zone = how much the stick can move afar from the central point before begin actuating
. = good for the cases the character is moving by itself

Sensibility = how much you need to move the stick before the character changes from walking to running (may never run if badly adjusted)
. = good for ... the above.

If the drifting is too much you may want to calibrate it at the Windows "Devices and Printers", or the pad is defective.
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I have windows 7 64 bit.....whenever i buy a new controller windows doesnt use the driver i uses th one built in ! with that my right analog doesnt work at all. After few weeks, when i have to adjust the deadzone in left analog, windows calibration is useless....i cannot use xpadder, motioinjoy as well as the settings apply for first time but after dat it doesnt work

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