Debugger Window Question
Hi guys. Great improvements on the debugger (Scroll-bar works Laugh)
I have been away for about 4-6 months and its probably the best thing i have seen (2 HDDs died recently :'( )

OK now to business

In the R5900 section
There are some register names I don't know/ remember what they mean

I imagine
GPR = General Purpose
CP0 = //I should know this one (Coprocessor)
FPR = //Floating Point Register?
FCR = //Function Counter?
VU0f = //I know it has to do with the VectorUnit but what is f? float?
VU0i = // i is integer?

I don't mind doing a wiki entry on how to use the debugger (once i figure out everything)

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pretty correct. Wink FCR floating point control register.
Both FCR and FPR are new to me
I hope they are both covered in the Instruction set manual

PS I just realised for the first time your GPR includes hi and lo (Most college documentation don't mention them)
My math is poor but doesnt that make it 136 instead of 128?
fpr are the general floating point registers for the math functions. the fcr define what sort of number it is.

your internal knowledge is a lil poor. the 128 is the bit count of 1 register. the 00000000 are 32 bits. it's 4*32.
I came directly from Mips and only read articles on the architecture (First time reading the instruction set today)

[Image: c7lUnrG.png?1]
Still reading fear not

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