(Debugging) Looking for World Map addresses in Wild Arms ACF
Alright guys I need some insight here. So I am currently trying to find the memory addresses which effect the world map tiles in Alter Code:F. There is a well known glitch in this game (and Wild Arm 3 as well) where sometimes when you pick up an item from the world map, a large tile of it becomes a void area. This area you cannot walk through but can sail your ship, and the Protowing (airship) through. Casually this glitch can be annoying but as a speedrunner of this game, it allows you to skip 2 dungeons which equates to around a 45-50 minute time save. So I would like to find a reliable way to perform this glitch so that it's viable in the Any% route for this game. I haven't done much testing with the inventory but was able to find the addresses and see the items and item counts. However I do not believe this has much to do with the glitch since on the world map you are able to pick up Bags of Gella (this game's form of currency) and it still causes the glitch to occur.

I'll attach a screenshot which showcases the glitch I am talking about. Also I am not certain of this but the glitch may also occur when using items from your inventory but I have yet to confirm this for certain. Also if someone would like more information or needs me to elaborate on what I have said then let me know. I am looking for where to start in finding this address. I have looked through the built in debugger (which is where I was able to find the Item Inventory) but am not sure if perhaps what I am looking for is in the R5900 or the R3000. Any advice and insight would be appreciated.

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Also if someone would like to test things out I do have save states at the points of interest. I am not sure if I am allowed to post those here though so I will not yet.
Okay I am able to confirm that this glitch has nothing to do with inventory memory. I have tried to trace back the item on the world map closest to this area(There are 3) without any more conclusive data other than this could be caused by a memory leak?. The savestate I have reliably gets a chunk of world map to void but it is not the chunk I need. It seems that only the duplicator on the island to the west is creating a void area but does not if I, fly around the world map, enter a nearby city, teleport to a nearby city. Only thing I can think to really find this out is possibly do a data dump of the RAM before and after the void area and try and compare.

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