Decrease shaking
so let's get the point
As title above here i'd like to share
how to decreased shaking on interlanced games which shaking
and i try to explain as simple as posssible Smile : two files bellow (PS2yfix and PS2vfix)
2.if yourgame pal convert to ntsc with PS2vfix
open vfix, choose pal to ntsc then click patch file
(if games already ntsc just let as ntsc) PS2yfix
4.decreased Y-FIX OFFSET to 1, click patch file
5.done. shaking is decreased Smile
1.please back up your games first
2.if still shaking use bob as deinterlanced that best
3.i don't own this program, this based on my own experience
please report if this is work Smile. Thank you and have nice gaming Smile

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