Decrypting/importing .cbc cheat codes to PCSX2
I've been trying to search about this subject quite a bit but most of the threads are already years old or links dead. Basically I have a .cbc file I want to either decrypt (to find out the codes and convert to raw format through omniconverter) or patch the file to Codebreaker I think.

Basically it's incredibly hard to find specific cheat codes for PAL version of a game in question (Project Zero 3) when all the codes mostly are for NTSC-U version (Fatal Frame 3). While Codebreaker is by default NTSC-U of course, I did manage to find a .cbc file with specifically PAL codes from a german forum, that also hold PAL versions of other Codebreaker Day 1 Codes. What is the issue? The links about how to patch the files to Codebreaker are dead, can only download the .cbc file and have absolutely no idea how to either decrypt or patch it to and couldn't find any information about the subject *anywhere*.

I also did try to find out about converting cheat codes to PAL version, but no luck - as far as I understood there was once a converter, but the creator (tadatada) has long deleted the post and left community and it hasn't been re-uploaded anywhere either.

So, anyone know to help at all?

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This is what my friend used many years ago.
He was trying to convert Romancing Saga codes from JAP to US

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