Def Jam: FFNY Issues
I am experiencing slowdown in Def Jam: FFNY. This affects audio and video. I am wondering if this is a CPU issue or game/emulator issue. I am using PCSX2 0.9.7.

Adjusting the GS plugins or settings has little effect (within a 5fps variance) - the main issue is global audio/video slowdown. Audio slowdown is evident in the opening video/menus if using SPU-X2 1.4.0. Switching to ZeroSPU2 0.4.6 eliminates the opening video + menu audio (AND video) slowdown but introduces popping and crackling. There is still audio/video slowdown in-game, though.

Opening Video EE: 65%
Menus Screens EE: 90-95%
In-game EE: 92-99%
In-game GS: 30-40%
In-game FPS: 40-50

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Definitely a CPU issue. Your Athlon X2 just won't cut it.
With some extreme speedhacks you might get more FPS out of it, but then the game will run badly.
Consider a CPU upgrade Wink

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