Delayed Feedback
I wanted to comment about this emu back on the NGEmu forums, but I couldn't even make a username because it kept denying my email address.
I'd like to say this new update really improved the my fps despite the fact my computer is a piece of junk from the pre-multicore age...
My fps practically doubled and I'm currently playing Super Robot Taisen Alpha 3 since I got nothing better to do. Everything runs at 60fps with minimum settings and mad speed configuration except during the map and battle animation which runs at around 30-59fps.

My comp specs:
Windows XP SP2
3.0Ghz Pentium 4 w/ Hyperthreading (extreme improvement)
ATI Radeon X1600
Be amazed about how much it stinks.

Is there anything minor I can change to improve my gameplay besides getting another computer?
I don't plan to get another one until next year and I have a feeling I'm not using everything on this computer.

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Just a note... why would you post feedback on ngemu? this is our forum, we don't really follow what goes there...
For some reason I thought there was an older forum on there...
Yes, there WAS. We moved here like, 6 months ago. This is our forum now Smile
Holy crap I missed out on a lot...

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