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Delete old threads?
is it just me or is the website a lot slower and sometimes you have to wait like 8 secs before it goes to subforums?

if so, delete old threads to get back space again?

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It's just you. Very fast here. Deleting old threads would do nothing in loading speed anyway Tongue
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hmm weird considering my 120mbit net works fast for everything EXCEPT pcsx2 forum
Is it slow on too? I'm quite sure it's your ISP/connection at fault here. Takes me about 2 secs to enter a thread/forum which is very fast
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its going faster as 8 secs now as well, but usually i dont have to wait 3 secs for a page to load Tongue

the website works perfect, only forum is slow
I haven't seen any page loading in under than 2 secs Tongue
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well when going to forum, it goes fast, but sometimes when selecting a thread it takes ages, and sometimes it works ok

hmm it appears to work normal again
You know, sometimes (rather often) it's very slow for me as well.
Back when trying to fetch a few dumps, I'd get like 5kb/s one day, and 300kb/s the next..
well if its needed, i can provide storage space for the game files for example as i have a private 2GB max file uploader, however these links will only stay active for 7 days so reupload is needed every 7 days, the download from it is unlimited and right away tho and high speed since it goes on the servers of my ISP. its also possible to set a pass wich logicly could only be provided here and changes every 7 days with the upload if you wish so

if this sounds usefull to you guys, pm me
I will give details and can give the site admin the login data to it
Nah we have plenty of space and bandwidth. Don't know why you guys have speed issues, everything is running as it should Tongue
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