Deleting save after restarting with ActionReplayMax
Hi guys,
I'm a total newbie over here and I would like to have some help with a problem that I recently have.

When I start up a game with ActionReplayMax and choose the cheats I desire, everything is just fine. I start playing the game and after a while I save (first it asks to format the Memory card and then I save). Now when I would close the emulator and restart again with ActionReplayMax it wouldn't recognize my saves anymore and it would just ask me again to format my memory card. Any of you have an idea how I could solve this problem ?

The game in question is: Gladius

Big thanks in advance,


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Some cheats can damage the save.
Try creating new card,format it using the bios memory cards browser,start the game without ARMAX,try to save,restart pcsx2 and see if your save is working
Action replay or similar cheat software will most likely will damage or curupt your memory card (make sure you backup your cards before attempting to use it) basically you should avoid using these types of cheat systems with pcsx2.
Instead use pcsx2's internal cheat function through the use of pnach files.
Ok I'll try that last thing, since I asume it just keeps on corrupting my card whenever I try it.
Is there a usefull site where it explains how I can put cheats in those 'pnach files' ?

Or even a site who directly gives me info about Gladius cheats to put in pnach files.

Thanks in advance,
Got it working and it's working perfectly now

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