Dell Venue 11 pro sub $200 Windows Tablet runs PCSX2 without issues
I just wanted to share my find with the community, recently i bought a windows tablet from ebay
Its the Dell Venue 11 pro , a Windows 12" Tablet from 2015-2016
I was not expecting much from it, just something ultra portable to do simple things like coding and light emulation. So after running Citra on it and getting some great results i decided to try PCSX2 and Dragon Quest 8. Granted that i ran it with native resolution, but it ran flawlessly out of the box. Next i tried FFXII and it ran perfectly so i upped the resolution to x2 native and to my astonishment it ran perfectly with only the occasional frame dips to low 90% performance. I then tried Persona 4 which worked without issues also
There are lots of different venue 11 models so ill provide my model incase anyone is interested
Dell Venue 11 Pro 7140
Specs Intel Core M 5Y71  8 GB ram 256 GB SSD Touchscreen
LTE Sim Card , SD reader USB3 port WIFI and bluetooth
I cant recommend this cheap($200) tablet enough especially if you want to play PCSX2 on the go
Update: Just remember to get the model with the Core M 5Y71, otherwise I doubt it will run pcsx2 smoothly
Msi GF-62VR
Intel  core i7 7700hq @2.8(3.5ghz turbo) Nvidia 6gig GTX1060 16 gigs DDr5   windows 10
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