Dell XPS: troubles with D3d hard/soft
Hi guys.

I'm using a dell XPS L501x and am experiencing some graphic issues, specific ally with kingdom hearts.

if i set up the graphic plugin to direct3d9 (hardware) the game plays really smooth (due to the 4gb nvidia graphic card) no lag whatsoever, however with bits such as speech bubbles in game they do not show correctly:
[Image: pcsx2hard_zps618699f3.png]
It looks like this, also if i try to use direct3d10(hardware) the game crashes.

If i use direct3d 9 OR 10 (software), speech bubbles appear correctly however graphics are lesser and I get serious lag issues (lags up when I jump/ slows down when I open pause menu etc.):
[Image: pcsx2soft_zps40c8979a.png]

has anyone encountered this before and know an easy fix? or if you need more info please let me know!


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Had this too.
I don't know what fixed it but I'm between the PC failing to chose the NVidia card for rendering (I had to force it) or I had to update my driver.
I'm checking dell's website for driver updates at the moment, if you find out at some point what you did to suss it out let us know!
Don't get the drive from Dell's site, it's outdated. The newest driver (306.23) can be downloaded from nvidia here:

Hopefully that'll help with the graphical issues your having.
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Thanks, will give it a try!

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