Demon Stone Visual Problem
When I am running Demon Stone by Pcsx2 beta r1888 with directx 9 hardware rendering in Gsdx 2693 SSE2, the visual is coming with some green strips on the screen. The image is given below....

But when I am running the game in Gsdx directx software rendering mode then its visual problem gone but the game play becomes very slow & sticking all the time. But my Pcsx2 is updated. Can I play the game with directx software rendering having no problem or even in hardware rendering having no visual problem?

If any knows the solution then pls inform me.
Thank You.

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it's a preety common bug only way you can play this is on software mode or try the latest SVN revision
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^ the latest SVN revision?
*push *

I have the same Problem. i wanted to play my Copy of Demon Stone, and no Videoscenes where shown / The Ingame Graphics look like the ones on the screenshot above.

If I use software rendering , everything looks fine, but I've got an unplayable framerate.

Anny suggestions ?
Go to your PCSX2 installation directory, go to /inis, open GSdx.ini.
Add this line anywhere: allowHacks=1

Open PCSX2, go to Gsdx configuration. Some new options will be available.
Enter 1 in the "skipdraw" field, save and try your game. See if that helps.
You can experiment with different values (try 1, 10, 100).
If none of these make any difference you're out of luck.
Tja das klappt irgendwie nich...Unsure

Well -

I've edited the ini they way you told me. I started pcsx (rev 3113 )
and opened the plugin configurator.

Although I could see 'SkipDraw:' at the bottom of the Window, there hasnt been shown any value or editable number.

After that I downloaded Pcsx 0.9.6 but here I hadnt any success neither.

Am I using the wrong Verson of the emulator or what is it that went wrong?

Greetings - Sephiroth
What rama said is only valid for the GSdx of 0.9.7 (or newer SVN). You probably did not do it correctly, or have your ini folder saved in your my documents or at some other place you set at the initial install, so the file you actually added the allowHacks=1 line was not the one you are actually using.
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Indeed you are right, Bositman. I managed to find the true ini folder under my documents. Laugh

I've tried several values and the result was :

The Intro and the Programmer's Logos were still blackscreened.
The Ingame Graphics changed - but only in their kinds of misdrawings, the best
I could do was to extinguish those green lines like in the picture of ayan i nthe first post,
yet what was left was a all-pink game Wacko

What is that issue anyway ? Will it be fixed in the (near ) future, or will I never be able to play Demon Stone on the pcsx2 platform ?

Thanks for our help anyway, Sephiroth Smile
It's some GS effects GSdx does not emulate properly yet. They could be fixed in the future but it would require a rather large GSdx rewrite, so who knows when (if) that gets fixed.
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As I said, if you can't fix it with this hack, you're simply out of luck.
Buy some 6 core 5Ghz machine and try it in GSdx sw mode! Wink

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