Dengeki Playstation D73 demo disc (Neo Contra)
This is for the Japan-exclusive demo disc series related to the Dengeki magazine series. The demo disc 73 is available online and it includes a demo of Neo Contra, not documented anywhere.

The demo freezes when the level starts. This is actually the same as the issue others have reported for years about Neo Contra where it freezes in Mission 1 and 2. I read that fixes were implemented for the game over the years, but it seems these fixes are specific to each game file, right? I saw fixes were added for U and E versions of the game. That might explain why the previous fixes won't work on this rare demo.

I'm hoping there can be an update for this demo of Neo Contra as well. I'm trying to find out how much of the included mission is actually playable in the demo.

Game code is SLPM-60256

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