Depth problems i guess

I currently have in some games a strange problem with the depth.
By exemple in Classic british motor racing there are many board on the road and textures seem to desapear on it or flicker, look board bottom right of wheel.
When u are enough close, problems seem to gone:
The others game having same problem on the far distance on some model, always textures flicker/disapear, but only small, like in Kindom Hearts II on the wall of the manor.
I don't think its a mipmapping related.
Using d3d11 or Ogl hardware don't change anything, but software are ok in both.

Configuration used:

Core I7 3930k@4,25ghz
Rampage Extreme IV
16 Gb DDR3 Gskill
Gigabyte G1 1070 GTX.

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It seems to be an z-fighting issue. Many games suffer from it, usually only with a few minor textures. But as Classic british motor racing is a terrible and buggy game, are you sure it doesn't happen on PS2 as well? Tongue2
Rapidly checked today, it seem to have a small flickering on real console at distance.
It's difficult to see because of resolution very poor on HD tv.
It happen only when driving, if pause or don't move all sem ok.
Actually on real console it's not really clear :/

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