Desktop unresponsive
does anyone know why my desktop becomes unresponsive when i boot a game? i have to ctrl alt del a bunch of times to get it to run but everythings still unresponsive :\ the only thing i can do is restart my pc

amd athlon II x2 245 procceser
ati radeon hd 4200
2gig ram
windows xp
direct x 9.0
realtek hd audio output

gsdx sse2 1.1.4
spu2 1.1.0

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Is it with all games? does the game appear to run at least when you boot it?

Please show us your pcsx2 and plugin settings so we can help better.
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64
yes its with all the games and yes its running but everything is unresponsive so i cant even click the game and play it :\

[Image: ads.jpg?t=1259711929]

[Image: fgh.jpg]

[Image: ffffff.jpg]

[Image: adasfffffff.jpg]

[Image: fgff.jpg]
also forgot to add that it freezes when it says "opening gs plugins" then when i ctrl it runs again and the game opens :\

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