Desperatly need general help!
I'm really new with this, and I need help badly. It says I need to configure, and I configure everything as best I can. When I try to load plugins, a lot of the config slots go blank. I assume this means I need new plugins, is this correct? I also get a message about GS plugins, what is that? And how can I set up my system so that memcards can function?

I may need more later, but any help would be most appreciated.

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Could be the the permissions issue.
Try right-clicking the .exe, choose run as administrator. (If that's an option)
Nope, that wasn't it :/

The plugins and bios seem to reset themselves everytime I exit. For instance, I need to set the controls on my keyboard whenever I exit. Is that normal? I'm also getting messages saying I can't load the memory cards.
Is there a way I can consolidate the Bios? I already have them in one folder, but mabe the computer isn't reading them simaltaneously.
Alright, this IS the permissions problem.
You're probably running windows vista, right? And you have user account control still enabled, right? Tongue2
You need to get pcsx2 the permissions it needs to write to .ini files.
It doesn't have that, so all stuff you set up is "forgotten" once you exit it.

I'm no expert on this, so others will have to help you further than that :/
you need to be administrator to change anything about pcsx2. on either XP or Vista. if you want to use it outsie of being an admin, move it to your home directory:
"C:\users\name here\" (vista)
"C:\documents and settings\name\my documents" (XP)

to run as admin right-click the shortcut and click "RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR"
I am running Vista, and I am the administrator on this computer.

I think the main problem is the drive plugin.
that means you aren't an administrator then, you need admin rights to use PCSX2
Vista is funny in that even if you're the administrator, you don't have Administrator rights at all times. You have to right-click the exe and select 'Run as Admin' to make sure.

Did you try Saiki's suggesting of moving it to another directory? Desktop is your best bet. Copy and paste the entire PCSX2 directory and try running it from there. You'll rule out permissions issues real quick that way.
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(05-22-2009, 10:10 PM)echosierra Wrote: Desktop is your best bet. *snip* You'll rule out permissions issues real quick that way.

yea, but the desktop gets cluttered too easily that way lol I usually throw things in "documents"
another sidenote: if you disable UAC vista acts just like XP in the permissions reguard
And don't tell me you didn't actually try doing the right-click > run as administrator thing because you thought you were the admin :/

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