Destroy All Humans Texture Issues
Whats up guys. I'm running Windows 10, PCSX2 v1.5.0dev, and my computer specs are as follows:

Intel i7-6500U, 2.50GHz, 2592 Mhz, 2 Cores
Nvidia Geforce 940MX

I originally had issues with the black ***** appearing over the screen but Skipdraw 3 fixed that.
Mipmapping is set to Full. Thought that would resolve the problem a la Ratchet and Clank but no luck
Now I have issues with textures that appear underneath the UFO and when trying to cloak. 

These issues are resolved when pressing F9, but my game looks nowhere near as crisp and I was wondering if there was a setting or something I could change to resolve it. It's not game-breaking, more so a minor annoyance. If anyone could help, it would be greatly appreciated.

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what about ogl renderer ?
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Are you using Trilinear (ultra/slow) texture filtering? If so, try Trilinear (forced bilinear) or Basic mipmapping. Trilinear (ultra/slow) filtering with Full mipmapping seems to result in occasional broken textures in some games.

EDIT: scratch that, I found a similar effect in the second game - the distortion effects are broken due to using Skipdraw. They *might* look a bit better if you use Skipdraw 4 or 5 - but this may break other things (subtitles) or remove some effects altogether (air distortion when using the jetpack).
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