Destroy All Humans series issues
I know that the games have issues with PCSX2 but is anybody able to explain what causes them?
I mean I see here and there people advising to use Software Rendering for the graphical issues but the game is actualy broken even on Software rendering like people get stuck at objects or they go off map under the ground which makes the game unplayable/unbeatable. Also the game suffers from random crashes, out of the blue PCSX2 will just stop working.
Also noticing software rendering I see that the game renders on 16 or 12bit dithered mode which I have a feeling has something to do with the visual bugs we get and swapping back to hardware seems like if fails to render a post processing warming filter which results into those black stuff. (I guess you could disable it with a cheat and avoid skipdraw hacks)
Anyone to elaborate?

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You probably already read this(or maybe even wrote it;p). I understand HW mode has one glitchy effect which is fixed by skipdraw which then through brakes other stuff and in SW mode objects fall through floor? I don't have the game, but will list some potential solutions anyway.

Possibly best solution would be to learn how to create skipdraw hacks and make a better one than the one from gui, with dynaCRC build it's actually pretty quick to make them now and not hard either, I mean if I'm able to do it, anyone with visual studio and some basic coding skills can learn to deal with it as well. Unfortunately even good deal of experience wouldn't guarantee results, almost surely it would be better than a simple "skipdraw = 5", but it all depends on game. I have a feeling it could be easy as by Wiki describe this initial glitch as just some shadow layer visible through whole game, it would be much worser to get a good skipdraw when glitches are changing between locationsTongue.

As for software mode, if it's problem doesn't happen in HW mode it's kind of hard to guess what it is;p, maybe it does happen in HW, but only in native res and upscalling messes up the problem enough to avoid it. If no rounding/clamping modes nor manual game fixes help with that it's pretty lost case as other solutions might be very bothersome in this situation where many different objects get broken. ~ I mean finding the differences with cheat engine or using ps2disassembler on elf file or better EE memory dump(extracted from savestate with the glitch for example;p) could bring a workaround, but unless all of those broken objects are affected by same function or variable that can end up as awfully time consuming thing to do.

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