Deus Ex
Hi guys!
I have a little problem... my last PS2 memory card broke, and now I have none of them left... :/
I decided to try emulating PS2, and can get BIOS from my PS2 easily also...
The problem is that I don't know if Deus Ex - The Conspiracy works with this emulator, 'cause I read that the "support page" is outdated...
Also my computer kinda sucks, don't know if that game will work...
I have Windows XP Pro, AMD 3700+ and ATI X1800GTO...
That is my only game that REALLY NEEDS memory card...
(I have played GT4 enough.... Laugh )

Do this emulator have reliable save states/memory card-system?
Still I think this emulator might be too harsh for my comp, but if you can give tips how to increase my frames to the top... thanks!

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It works!
Try messing with speedhack, for FPS boost (read config. guide).
With your CPU you should get around 40 to 60 fps (with speed hacks).
Me thinks that it have good states/memory card-system.
Thanks for quick reply!
I will try to install this emulator and get myself that BIOS today... maybe I have time to make iso from my game also.... Laugh
I tried Deus Ex last night and got abysmal frame rates. Tried it with and without all speed hacks on latest beta. It is not playable for me, but the game 15fps (ps2 frames..not pc frames!).

p5ql mb
3 gigs ram
xp sp2
ati 3850
Just got all things ready and installed, I'm still playing it from real PS2 game in my drive...
It works but it has many problems, it is missing many layers. Everything is flashing and if I touch my controls it loses every frame and the game almost freezes totally... Sad

Damn, maybe I must buy myself yet another ps2 memorycard....
any ideas?
are there any patches for this one?
I tried ZeroGS plugin, it works little bit better I think.... :/
OK, got some 2d layers fixed, but all 3d is still messed up, close giving up here... :/
OK, some new news...
I have made some changes to my computer,
and of course it was time to try again if this game would work emulated.
I have new memory card now, but still interested emulating this masterpiece.

I have nVidia GTS250, 3 gigs of memory, win XP pro and Athlon 64 X2 4200+.

Tried to download this emulator again and configured it. My PS2 BIOS should be good too, it isn't that old.

Well the results:
This game runs flawlessy, except... the menus are SLOW, like 15FPS.
Also the game runs like 10FPS, strange, 'cause whenever I try to look simply at the wall or something it instantly jumps to 60FPS stable.

There is like few areas that just doesn't work at all, and those areas that the game runs perfectly.

The sound is perfect also, so my only problem is the FPS drop in most areas. Any ideas how to make it run faster? Any options?

It seems (not sure) that it isn't my comp, it must be something else, like the emulator commands the game to run slower or something. It is like ON/OFF switch, 60FPS steady OR 10-15FPS steady. Stange indeed.

Thanks for replies!
one more thing.. (gosh, I forgot edit button)..

it seems that there is this FPS drop always when the lightning changes,
so in Training, when you light up the room with the switch on the wall, the FPS drops PERMANENTLY, so maybe something is missing from my options/this emulator?
Just a suggestion, but if you have a PC that can emulate the PS2 version, the odds are you have a PC that can play the actual PC version. It is up to you but if you really wanna play this classic, PC is by far the best version. Definitely one of my favorite games.
Well yeah, my comp isn't hi-end in any way.
Probably not even enough to emulate this PS2 game.
But the thing is that I really enjoy this game.
I have it on PS2, i have 2 versions of it on PC. I have played it through something like 20 times, maybe more.

I'm just obsessed trying to get it work flawlessy emulated too.

My comp is powerful enough to play some PS2 games, I just don't have that many of them around to do some serious testing, I have only 3 of them.

Deus Ex: The Conspiracy is getting rare in here, I try to make the ISO I made worth it, save this copy for the future.

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