Dev9 invisible?
Hello! Normally I would be ontop of this, but it's been a while since I've been in the emu scene and I've found myself to be a newb once again. I have scrounged up all the plugins / dll's I need and when I go to configure PCSX2, it recognizes every plugin except for the Dev9. In fact, it doesn't recognize any plugin related to the HD =\. I know I'm missing some form of SDK or package somewhere, but alas I've resorted to posting because I simply don't know lol.

Hopefully this isn't in the forums anywhere and if it is my palm is ready to smack my face if need be. Thanks for any who post!

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Welp, solid waste of space Tongue2. Never mind. I think I answered my own question somewhere along the way.
I dont think there's an HD plugin working, what do you mean by invisible?
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