Dev9null cant let me change
Hi just download and see many tutorials for come to live RE Outbreak online and see in deep the plugin config just figured out the plugin setting for network don't let me change or get ride dev9null to DEV9ghzdrk2 and this apears: - "This space intentionally left blank", now here I can't find solutions and i thinking maybe not exist the solution for this emulator? there are a plugin manual config for this emulator? cant find! sorry for the English, thanks in advance for the reply!

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Have you have installed winpcap and added the dev9ghzdrk plugin to your plugins folder?
yes i do, and i know wincap is only for patch the game iso, i need to know how set up and config the pcsx2 emulator but the same dont let me config "redundant".
winpcap has nothing to do with the game iso, it is needed to make the dev9 gigaherz plugin work. You won't even be able to select the gigaherz plugin if it isn't installed. You may need to restart your computer after installing it.
ok thanks i need wincap thanks alot

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