Development Builds? Orphis vs. AppVeyor?
Quick little question I have, are there any differences between the Orphis builds and the AppVeyor ones?

[Image: dSkJcKD.png]


[Image: ZIA2347.png]

AppVeyor also seems to have Visual C++ 2017 ones, are those not generally better to use?

Am I losing any kind of "optimizations" or whatever using AppVeyor 2015 ones over the Orphis 2015 ones?

Just curious, thats all.

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Nope. They will be the same. They both compile from the same source, the PCSX2 master branch.

Any difference between compilation with VS 2015 and VS 2017 is going to be subjective and superficial. I'm sure someone, somewhere, has performance benchmarks of programs compiled with the two versions, but in my opinion, it's not worth worrying about.

The reason we have both is AppVeyor is good for on-the-fly testing of PRs and verifying that the program actually builds. The artifacts there aren't held for more than six months, so there's no history to it. Orphis provides their buildbot instead, which builds, and retains the builds for preservation (and this is super super helpful when we need to do regression testing).
Thanks for the info, and good to know. I've noticed that the AppVeyor binaries are a tiny hair smaller then the Orphis counterparts, any idea why this is?

I've also noticed that inside the plugin folder that "GSdx32-SSE4.dll" is missing from the AppVeyor builds, whereas Orphis has these (not that use this specific plugin mind you.), only just something I've noticed while comparing the two. Oversight?
Appveyor builds are meant for testing prs/branches and not actually where regular users can expect to grab the latest dev build. The exclusion of SSE4 is to save compile time. Also appveyor download links only last 6 months.

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