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Development-Release Candidate-Stable release system?
Hey have you guys ever considered using a Development-Release Candidate-Stable release system like dolphin currently has?

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Why do you think pcsx2 doesnt use such a system? What would you actually like to improve?
We do, we have development builds then a release. RC's are generally considered from a certain GIT build and are suggested internally for testing.
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It's just that there hasn't been an actual stable build in over a year. I was just wondering if labeling them as such would be easier for people to understand. This whole time I just thought there were developmental builds and the stable 1.2.1 from almost two years ago...
There was no stable release in the last years except the version 1.2 and 1.2.1 (thanks to ref)
Stable releases are only provided when fundamential changes happened. There is nothing as a lifetime of a release in pcsx2.

Directly before a new stable release all projects get finished and no new projects are started. Some intense tests are done. This is like a rc version time. If all tests are finished and regressions fixed a new stable release is created.
Yeah, hopefully the last few things can be implemented soon, so the RC can be chosen for testing. It would help if I got off my ass and stopped playing around with the new hardware, and actually contributed testing results again.
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Well we are already more or less in rc region. These coverty reports dont supply new functionionality. I guess there are only a handful of keyfeatures currently in progress and close to finish. I have the feeling that v1.4 will be a larger step than v1.2 but i probably say that for every new version. But the new gsdx functionality, foldermemcard, compressed isos, new gui,... Really a lot happened.
So basically, you're not "really" asking about our development process, you're just saying "why isn't there a new stable build"?
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I guess he thinks that pcsx2 had several stable releases and you didnt label them properly. Thats why he asked to properly label them and use at best the release candidate scheme.

Some background research probably would've helped here.
It was some ignorance on my part but I didn't know all this until now so thank you guys. You definitely cleared up some things with how the whole pcsx2 community works. I'm new here so please bear with me

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