Devgiga9 not working
Well, I followed the instruction... AGAIN.... and this is what I ran into, again. Here are some screen shots of what I've seen...

Screen shot 1

Screen shot 2

Those are both my actual pure iso rips, I did nothing special to them at all, they play fine on my soft modded PS2 and that's what's confusing to me. Any and all help is welcome. Our last thread got a little out of hand due to people not reading fully what I said, but someone had the grand idea of this thread with screen shots, and I fully agreed with them so here have a look.

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on thie 2nd screenshot, you are using megadev9 plugin.
As said earlier, this won't work by any mean.

Can you please post the same screenshots with gigahertz dev9plugin enabled ?
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I know that, I just accidentally uploaded the wrong screen shot, hang on.
It boots up with mega 9 auto

i should delete that plug in going to now.

and when i change it to dev 9 this happens

dev 9 change
Now I'm able to configure dev9giga on version .98 and 1.21 but when i configure it i can't select HDD its greyed, and when i hit okay to set up the ethernet it still crashes afterwards.. sigh

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