Devil May Cry
"I've downloaded DMC, and it starts running perfectly. No lag at all and it goes at 60 FPS. It starts the first cut scene, still works fine. Then goes to the second part and goes to about 25 FPS, and the audio and video get out of tune, and the sounds becomes about 1 minute ahead of the video. Then after the cut scene finishes, it plays another and works fine, then stops. Anyone else have the this problem or knows how to fix it?"

And for your information, download doesn't always refer to pirating. Downloading means taking information for something, in this case my copy of the game, and putting it on something else, my computer. Stop locking my threads because you think I pirated a game, when I actually got it legally.

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of course, 3 threads later, downloading is a synonym of "ripping to an iso" "or dumping"

in that case, "no more threads about this" is a synonym of "closed"
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