Devil May Cry 3 (SE): Post Processing Issue
Otherwise known as the blurry double effect. Much like a certain DMC3 game mechanic, but unintentional.

This is how my game looks (using any revision of GSDX, regardless of AMX or SSE4.1 optimizations) using DirectX 9 or DirectX 11 Hardware (software, being native res, obviously has no graphics glitches).
[Image: PostProcessFail.png]

If I turn on Offset Hack, it gets worse (the blur effect is somewhat reduced, but now there's screen artifacts on the edges).
[Image: OffsetHackFail.png]

Here is what I mean by screen artifacts. A small black edge is fine but a gigantic set of white strips is too much.
[Image: OffsetHackFail2.png]

Anyway, how would I fix this?

Also, I can't figure out why I get THREE black bars. I've been able to remove the two on the sides by changing window resolutions, but the bar on the bottom never goes away. What gives?

I'm currently using PCSX2 revision 5037 with GSDX revision 5068 along with the standard suite of recommended speedhacks (result and performance are the same regardless of using the hacks). Both sets of rounding settings are set to Nearest. I use DirectX 11 Hardware (DX9 seems to have no improvement) with the alpha hack, texture filtering, and 4x Scaling. Vsync is enabled, and most other settings are pretty much default. In case it matters, the game info (from the emu log) is:
ELF (cdrom0:\SLES_530.38;1) Game CRC = 0x7ADCB24A

My important system specs are:
Core i5 2500K (@4.5GHz)
2x SLi GTX 460 1GB (overclocked, too)
8GB DDR3 1600MHz RAM
Windows 7 Professional 64-bit

Before you ask me to compile, know that I am an indie game developer, but my whole system is set up for MinGW, not Visual C++. I have the latest runtime libraries, but I can't compile with VC++ (at the level of something like GSDX) without a lot of prep time, so I'd only do it if the chances of fixing my issue are high.

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Don't wanna compile? Get the latest SVN here:
Quote:GSDX revision 5068

I already use that system. I have the latest build. When I say that I don't want to compile, I mean that I don't want to make my own branch.
if you try the latest version your game CRC may not be listed for this game's fix same thing happened to me ( i have the none SE edition maybe the same thing )

give the CRC to a dev ( possibly Gabest ) and he should add it with the next revision hopefully Smile
I had the same problem. The last chapters( 15,17) is worse.
I bought the Computer version.(Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition)
The color is totally different.
I sent him a message this morning; I'll probably have to wait until a weekday for a response, though. Oh well, I can be patient.
(01-14-2012, 11:44 AM)abdo123 Wrote: give the CRC to a dev ( possibly Gabest ) and he should add it with the next revision hopefully Smile

Actually I just checked and the CRC IS included in GSdx already.

Dark.Revenant care to try it with 0.9.8? And don't use Full Boot but fast.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
The result of using 0.9.8 with the stock revision 4600 plugins is much worse, though it seems that the built-in "hack" works because the offset hack no longer does anything. Regardless of settings, this is my result:
[Image: MoreFail.png]

Using newer versions of GSDX with the 0.9.8 binaries removes the texture artifacts, but the graphics revert to the screenshots in the original post.

Try with a (Software) renderer in GSdx.
I can't get 4x scaling (or any times scaling) in software. I might as well just play on a real PS2 if that's the case.

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